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            Bible lessons:
Lesson on Faith          PDF
               Manifestations of the Holy Spirit            PDF
                    Spiritual housecleaning of occult curses  PDF
                    Prayer of the Believer               PDF
                    Conditions to have Revival    PDF
                    God´s Spiritual laws and prosperity  Word
                    Waterbaptism        Word
               Soul winners ABC   PDF  Word



   Fasting and Prayer Handbook            PDF 


                Revelation of Heaven:

   Revealing of Heaven - Kat Kerr        Word
   Revelation of Heaven - Mary K Baxter        Word


                  Revelation of Hell - Reality of Hell:

   Prepare to meet your God - Angelica Zambrano   
   Prepare to meet your God - 2nd Experience    
   Prepare to meet your God - 3rd Experience  
   A divine revelation of Hell - Mary K Baxter    




   Ark of the Covenant found           



               Revival History:    


               NDE Testimonies:
   Buddhistmonk confirms Christian Faith  




   The China Study    PDF 




           Baptized in blazing fire:

   Book 1 Baptize by blazing Fire   
  Book 2 Baptize by blazing Fire   
  Book 3 Baptize by blazing Fire   
  Book 4 Baptize by blazing Fire    
   Book 5 Baptize by blazing Fire   


           About Prayer:                        

   Prayer of the believer
   Chemistry of Prayer 
    Fasting and Prayer



            Old Fasting Books:          

   Atomic power with God   
   Because of your Unbelief   









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